Casino and online casino list for Ireland

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By mr-casino on 2015-06-23 17:34:57

Many online casinos try to help you find your favourite casino game by categorising them and one of the categories often found is called table games which very roughly includes every casino game that requires some form of a table to play on which according to them is every online casino card game in existence. Other more obvious table games are roulette where the table is very special and craps where again without the table to place bets and throw the dice it would be very difficult to play. For Irish casino players also has a section called table games where you can find descriptions of the more popular games in this category. Of course roulette is covered but there is also a good insight into Blackjack where you can increase your chances of winning by following a few tips and playing with your head. Another interesting table game included in the line up of most online casinos is Baccarat and although many Irish casino players ignore it or don’t understand it, it is a very quick and interesting game which is very easy to play and gives a good chance of winning. Another such table game often dismissed by Irish casino players is Caribbean Stud Poker. has several articles on Caribbean Stud which explain that this game, although called poker, has very little in common with the game of Texas Hold’em that we see in tournaments on TV. Caribbean stud is a much simpler card game in which there is no bluffing, no changing of cards and the only person that can raise the stakes is yourself so you have complete control. It seems at times that all online casino games except casino slots could be included in the table games category but as long as it helps you find your favourite game then it is fine.