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Free casino helps you find new casino games and new online casinos

By mr-casino on 2018-02-15 13:00:00

It would be utopia to find a free casino where if you won you could keep the money but if you lost it didn’t matter but unfortunately utopia does not exist in the world of online casinos but on the other hand free casino does. Several of the better online casinos offer free casino although it must be said that some make it easier to find than others but free casino in this context means you are playing for free but with play money rather than real money so win or lose no real money changes hands. All Irish Casino is certainly one of the easiest places to find free casino games as it is the default position when you log in and if you want to play for real money, which most people do, then you need to say so. thinks this is a much better idea than having to go all the way through to a particular casino games and then deciding that you want to play for fun money rather than real money. There are a number of reasons why you might want to play free casino although it must be said that the excitement of risking your own cash is not replicated when playing for free. There is some satisfaction with winning but that said you will wish that you were playing for real money. There are many Irish casino players who log onto their online casino account and always play the same casino games whether that be Blackjack, Roulette or a particular casino slot but free casino provides an excellent opportunity to try something new which you might be reluctant to do if you had to risk your cash.

An example of this might be Baccarat or Punto Banco as it is known at some online casinos. This is a casino game which has a reputation for being sophisticated and only played by high rollers in places like Monte Carlo but actually nothing could be further from the truth. Baccarat is a game of pure luck and there is no skill involved whatsoever and it can be played for the usual small stakes at online casinos plus it has got to be one of the simplest games around. There are after all only three possible bets, one of which has to win. It is card game where two hands are dealt, often called the bank and the player which could be where the alternative name of Punto Banco comes from (Punter and Bank?) and you can bet on either hand to win or for the result to be a tie. Unusually the dealer plays both hands but there is nothing to worry about because there are very strict rules that govern when a card is drawn and when not so there is no room for discretion. Another slightly obscure thing is the way in which card values are counted which is one of the reasons to play for free while you get used to it. Knowing how to count the card vales will not help you to win or lose but at least you will know why it happened. In fact it is not that difficult as any total over nine gets ten deducted so for example thirteen becomes three and fifteen becomes five. Once you have got used to this the casino game is very simple indeed.

There are of course also a multitude of casino slots that can be played in free casino mode and again knowing the symbols and what they indicate does not help you win or lose but at least it adds to the excitement knowing you are close to something. One of the casino slots that particularly likes is Gonzo’s Quest™ which is a product of NetEnt casino software and can be found at online casinos such as All Irish Casino, No Bonus Casino or Freespins Casino. It is a five reel slot with the difference that the fifteen symbols are in fact not on reels at all but all independent and it has a sort of Aztec theme with Gonzo himself being an explorer in Peru searching for riches who overseas what is going on from the sidelines. The symbols are in fact carved onto stone blocks and when a winning combination is triggered those blocks explode with any above them coming crashing down to take their place with any on the top row being replaced. As this is happening a win multiplier moves from 1X to 2X so that if the new arrangement of blocks also results in a win it pays at double the odds and again winning blocks explode and the multiplier moves to 3X and so on eventually reaching 5x face value after three successive wins. All the while Gonzo is keeping an eye on things scratching his beard and waiting for you to get into the free spins mode which is actually called free falls in this casino slot. Just three symbols are required and the wall of stones parts and Gonzo will escort you through to the free falls game. All the same rules apply in the free falls game but the win multiplier starts at 3X for every win in that mode and successive wins take it through 6X, 9X and 15X which can quickly result in a very substantial win. After a big win gold coins will come cascading over the stone wall and Gonzo will very quickly have his helmet off trying to catch them as they fall. This is really is a fun casino slots and well worth trying even if only in free casino mode.

Online casinos such as those mentioned carry a variety of casino games by casino software supplier NetEnt and they are all available to play for free so there is really no excuse for not looking around. Your favourite online casino and your favourite casino game may well be very good but unless you try you may never find something even better.