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Free casino is fun but lacks some of the excitement

By mr-casino on 2015-03-15 15:42:52

It is not often that you get entertainment for free but at an online casino it is possible. All online casinos offer free casino play although it must be said that it is more obvious and convenient at some online casinos than at others as some insist on you opening an account before playing free casino whist others such as All Irish casino have free casino as the default. It might be asked why online casinos would offer their sites for free play but in actual fact it is an excellent idea for new players at online casinos to study the casino site and take a look around and even for existing casino players it provides a chance to try out some new casino games or casino slots before committing cash. Most online casino players will not permanently play free casino and in fact it is doubtful that there are any as there is something lost in the very idea of playing at a casino if your own cash is not at risk and your chances of winning real money is zero as that is where the excitement comes from. Free casino can of course be fun as a form of entertainment and it is not unusual for two or more casino players to have a little competition to see who can generate the largest winnings within a period of time but it can be very frustrating if you hit a winning streak or even hit a casino slots jackpot when playing for free. Better than playing completely free casino is to play for very small stakes which you can easily afford to lose but even then the real excitement is not there. What makes for real tension is when for example you are playing roulette and doubling up on red or black; when do you decide to stop and cash in your winnings? Playing free casino cannot compare.