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Free casino is fun but not all online casinos make it easy

By mr-casino on 2018-05-22 12:56:25

Playing at casinos is great fun but it would be even better if it was possible to lose. The only way to do that would be to play for free but keep all the winnings but unfortunately no casino would be in business very long if that were on offer. Some online casinos do however offer the chance to play free casino games but you do not get to keep the winnings. In free play mode these online casinos use play money so although you can see whether your balance is increasing or decreasing there is nothing to keep. It can be interesting to play free casino to learn about new casino games or just to have a bit of fun but there is no real substitute for risking your own cash to get the adrenalin flowing and the satisfaction of winning play money will never come close to winning real money. There is one online casino in the line up that specialises in free casino and that is called Freespins Casino.  There are several online casinos that occasionally offer a number of free spins on casino slots to new players and All Irish Casino is one of them but the offer is not always available. At Freespins casino however the free spins are offered in the place of a casino bonus for new players so a deposit into your casino account will attract free spins on a selection of casino slots but the really attractive thing about this offer is that it s not only for new players. Every player can avail themselves of the free spins offer on every deposit they make into their online casino account.

This is something approaching free casino but of course there are limitations placed on what happens after the free spins have been completed. It is fairly obvious that during free spins you will have some wins so that after the free spins are complete you will have money in the pot. If you could simply walk off with that pot the online casino would not be in business for long and it truly would be free casino. You can still get your hands on the money however by wagering the winnings on certain casino games a number of times. The requirement is quite high at 50 times but of course this only applies to the bonus money. There are in fact three types of bonus spins which are regular, super or monster which are awarded depending on the size of the deposit and the casino slot which is selected to play them. The option is always available not to receive free spins. This is about as close to free casino as anyone is likely to get while still having a chance to win real money.

Freespins Casino is not the only online casino that offers Irish casino players an alternative to the regular deposit match bonus for new players. Another online casino recommended by is No Bonus Casino whose name rather gives away the fact that it does not offer casino bonuses at all. To compete however there has to be something else and indeed there is and it is cash back if you lose. No Bonus Casino is thought to be the only online casino that gives you money back if you are unfortunate enough to lose and although there are terms and conditions which should be read it all works very simply. You have to have a registered account with the online casino in order to qualify for the promotion but you do not need to be a new player as it is available to everybody on every deposit. If yu make a deposit into your online casino account on any given day and somehow manage to lose the whole lot in the same day by playing any of the casino games on site then the very next day you will get 10% back in cash. Cash means that the money is placed into your playing account rather than any form of bonus account which in turn means that it is yours immediately to do with as you wish so you can use it to start playing again or you can even take it out and save it for another time.

Different online casinos also take a different approach to free casino play. Some will make it pretty difficult to find the free play option and demand that you have an account and are registered before you can get there. Others such as All Irish Casino or Fun casino allow anyone to play free casino games whether you are registered or not and even if you hold an account the free casino mode is the default setting so that if you want to play for real money you have to elect to do so. This is a much more casual approach which is one of the reasons why these online casinos appear on the recommended list. It strikes as being pretty normal for players wanting to look at a new casino slot to have the chance to play a few rounds for free to see how it works. There is only one thing worse than having a few spins on a casino slot and winning but not knowing why or how and that is losing and not knowing why or how. The pay tables shown at casino slots are all well and good but there is no substitute for actually playing and experiencing how the game develops. This is in part the reason that many players stick to either one or just a limited number of casino slots rather than trying a different one very time they visit the casino and who can blame them if free play is made difficult. The really annoying thing about playing free casino is when you win as you then think if only I had been playing for real money. The casino software in free play mode is no different from in real money mode so if you won in free play you would have won in real play.