Casino and online casino list for Ireland

Free casino is the default setting at some of the better online casinos

By mr-casino on 2016-12-10 14:31:05 saw an article the other day that likened something to a fruit machine where you could only win and never lose. Unfortunately that casino slot has never been found and if it were the finder would not be sharing the information about it. The second best thing might be free casino which is available at most online casinos and although it is true that you cannot lose playing free casino, the snag is that you can also never win; at least not real money. You can win and lose play money to your heart’s content. Some online casinos make free casino play very easy so for example at All Irish Casino the default mode is in fact free play so as soon as you log on you can play all the games for free except one or two of the progressive jackpot games where you do need to be playing for real money. In fact you do not even have to be logged in or even have an account to play free casino at All Irish Casino which is one of the reasons that recommends it. Several other online casinos such as No Bonus Casino and Freespins Casino also have free casino play as the default setting but that begs the question about the point of free casino play if you cannot win.

Playing free casino can be a lot of fun and not everybody plays at their online casino in order to make money and in fact if you do you are likely to be disappointed. Online casinos are a form of entertainment and should be treated as such. They are likely to cost money although part of the excitement is that it is possible to make money and indeed sometimes very large amounts of money from comparatively small outlays. Playing free casino provides part of that entertainment although it must be admitted that not risking your own cash does not have quite the same adrenalin level as when you are. Nevertheless a lot of fun can be had especially if there are at least two of you who can play a tournament against each other to see who can win the most in a given period of time or number of spins. The time limit one is good fun as it means that the player can choose which casino game to play and thus swap around between roulette and casino slots for example in an effort to make more money than the other person. The real reason for free casino is however to entice you to join in and register an account. This does not mean that free casino play is rigged in any way to make it more likely for you to win as the same RNG is used for each game so the odds are the same. What free casino does do however is give you the chance to look at different casino games and try them out without risking any money which is something you might not do if you did not understand a game for example. It s all very well and good reading the rules but there is no substitute for actually playing the casino game to learn it.

Casino slots are a particular case in point where it helps to understand what triggers jackpots or free spins or bonus rounds and when things like “sticky wins” are involved it helps to know how they work. “Sticky Wins” is a feature of the casino slot Jack Hammer™ which can be found at All Irish Casino or any other online casino carrying a selection of casinos games from the casino software supplier NetEnt. On this slot all fifteen of the symbols are independent of each other so it is possible to hold any number of individual of symbols while spinning the rest and this is what happens at Jack Hammer™. When a winning combination is achieved those symbols are held and all others are spun again to see if a better win results and if that happens the process is repeated until such time as no win improvement is achieved. This is a great way to see your winnings getting multiplied.

Not exactly free casino but definitely free spins on casino slots can be found at At this online casino they have decided to do away with the often criticised casino bonus which is for new players only and instead to award free spins on a selection of casino slots to every player on every deposit made into the casino. This means that no matter how long you have been playing at free spins casino, every new deposit qualifies for the free spins bonus. The size of the bonus depends on the size of the deposit and which casino slot is selected as some have a higher stake than others but it is clearly stated on the casino site. Clearly if you have 40 or 50 free spins you are bound to end in profit at the end of them simply because it has cost nothing in the first place so the casino has introduced rules called play through requirements before that money can be withdrawn. The requirements are in line with other online casinos that offer casino bonuses to new players but of course here the difference is that you are not playing with money that you ever had so you cannot lose, you can only not win. Freespins casino is in addition to this offer a great online casino anyway as it has a full range of casino games from a leading casino software supplier; it is of course correctly registered and operates under the governing body in Malta known as the Malta Gaming Authority and has all the usual casino deposit methods. You will probably find that it is a very friendly online casino which speaks in simple language and does not try to hide anything. It does appear as one of the top recommended casino at and that is apart from the bonus offer spoken about here.