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Free casino play cannot substitute for real money excitement

By mr-casino on 2018-08-26 14:39:12

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a casino where you could play all the casino games for free and if you won you could claim the money? It won’t happen of course but it is possible to play free casino games at many of the online casinos that are available to Irish casino players. Unfortunately when playing free casino games you are actually playing with fun money which means when you win you only win fun money but then on the other hand you cannot lose. It is interesting that online casinos offer the chance to play free casino although it must be said that some online casinos make it easier than others to do so. Some online casinos such as All Irish Casino have free casino as the default mode so as soon as you sign in you are playing for free and if you want to play for real money you have to say so. There are other online casinos that insist that you have an account before you can play for free which means registering although no deposit is generally required. Then there are others who do not mention free casino at all until you have chosen a game and then suddenly you have a choice.

There are a few reasons why you might want to play free casino games but the most spoken about is the wish to try out new games without risking any of your own money. This is particularly true of casino slots where modern games often have so many winning lines it becomes impossible to actually check them plus there are usually other symbols such as free spins or bonuses or wilds that alter the game in a flash. If you have been playing a particular casino slot for a while then you learn to recognise these symbols quickly and that of course adds t the excitement as you can see what is going on. If you try a new casino slot however it might be more difficult and free casino play can give you the opportunity to gain some experience before playing for real money. There are unlikely to be players at online casinos who only ever play for free as that is not generally why people sign up so it is really only a question of how long before they switch to real money play. Playing at an online casino is exciting but it is only exciting because your own money is at risk. Playing free casino is interesting and entertaining but it can never be called exciting. Another reason often given for playing free casino as opposed to playing for real money is to try out a new strategy. In online casino games such as Roulette there is no real strategy but when it comes to Blackjack there can be.

Blackjack is possibly the casino game with the greatest chance of winning or in other words it is possibly the game with the smallest house edge. In Blackjack it is your hand against the dealers’ hand. You may be playing multiple hands Blackjack but each hand is played separately. Given the fact that there is an equal chance of either hand being better than the other plus the fact that a tie is considered a push and stakes are returned you might wonder exactly what the house edge is. The answer is that the only house edge is that the player plays first. It is known how the dealer will play their cards and there is nothing to stop you following the same strategy which means that there is an equal chance of either hand exceeding 21 but you play first and if you bust you have lost even before the dealer plays their hand. You could try this strategy at any online casino using free casino and you will see the effect that this has. On the other hand you could try to see what happens if you decide never to draw a card if it could make you exceed 21 or in other words stand on anything over 11. This gives the dealer every opportunity to bust and you would win. Free casino gives you the chance to try this strategy without losing real cash. This could be refined by, for example, standing on anything above 11 when the dealer is showing a 5 or a 6. There are endless possibilities on Blackjack strategy and free casino lets you try them out.

It does not happen often but it is known that some online casino players have little competitions within their group which might be family or just friends to see which of them can win the most cash within a certain number of hands or a fixed time and free casino is great for this as nobody wins or loses any real money. Playing for real money is much more likely to be an individual pastime. It is good to know that all casino games play in exactly the same way whether they are being played for fun money or real money so free casino play is a good representation of what happens in real money play. There are positives for playing at an online casino in free casino mode but there could also be downsides. Imagine for example that when playing your favourite casino slot you hit a really big win only then to realise that you are free casino mode and all you have got is a load of fun money. That has got to be a bummer especially if you had been playing for real money before. This is possibly why the casino slots with the really huge jackpots do not allow free play. Imagine winning a couple of million Euro in fun money!

Free casino at online casinos can be great entertainment and supports the fact that they offer the choice and even better that All Irish Casino and others listed on the site  have it as a default mode but there is no substitute for real money play.