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Free Craps

Free craps casino game is reputed to be the most exciting casino game. Free craps casino game might seem daunting to novice players but seasoned players enjoy the many bets this game offers. Thus beginners can learn the game through free craps casino game software. Players can learn how to place bets, strategies to adopt while playing and get accustomed to various rules that regulate free craps casino game. Moreover players can play free craps casino game without being interrupted or getting distracted. The free craps casino game software allows players to check out rule book, consult a friend or even check out websites while playing game. This way player can have a satisfying game of casino free craps and learn as he plays.

Free Craps Casino Game

Free craps on-line casino game is an exciting game where a large number of bets can be placed. There are many rules that explain various bet possibilities. The first bet that a player is allowed to begin game with is called ‘pass line bet’. This bet can be made by placing chips on the felt, broad band that runs outside to table and has ‘PASS’ written on it. The free craps on-line casino game begins with a ‘come out roll’ of the dice and pass line bets are placed on anticipated outcome of this roll. If dice total is 2,3 or 12, session expires and resets with loss of all pass line bets. If dice roll result is a 7 or 11, all pass line bets win and session resets. When result of dice roll is any other number, the total is considered and set as ‘point number’ for the session. Under these conditions, pass line bets neither win or lose. Pass line bets can be backed by odds bet with more money. This is known as placing free odds in a game of casino free craps. These bets are unique to game of casino free craps and there are only a few bets that can be backed by free odds. Free craps on-line casino game pass line bets with odds are placed with more chips below pass line bets. This type of bet is considered to be the best in casinos. House edge on pass line bets are very low and these get lower with odds backing it.

A session progresses with shooting for point once point is set after come out roll in a free craps casino game. Consider for example that outcome of come out roll was 6, hence 6 is fixed as point number of session. In order for pass line bets to win, shooter must roll out another 6 again prior to rolling out a 7. A session comes to a end when the point number is rolled out (here 6) or a 7 is rolled out. A 7 loses all pass line bets. The shooter continues to roll until point number is hit or 7 is hit. All numbers that come up during the rolls can have other bets placed on them. These rules sum up basics of a on-line casino free craps game.

Bets in a Casino Free Craps Game

In on-line casino free craps game, players are presented with only one end of the board where game is played and bets are placed. Pass line bets are placed on the wide strip running along edge of casino on-line free craps table. The thinner band to inside of this is broken at corners by big 6 or big 8 area and this is where ‘don’t pass bets’ are placed. The big 6 and big 8 bets are placed on areas between sides of don’t pass bar. Another type of bet which is common in a casino free craps game is the field bet which is placed in box with field written on it. Field bet is placed in anticipating the outcome of the next roll being 2,3,4,9,10,11 or 12. The field bet is applicable to the next roll only.

Come bets in a casino free craps game is placed in centre of craps table and is very similar to pass line bets, the only difference being that come bets can be placed even after point has been established by come out roll. The exact opposite bet of come bet in a game of casino free craps is the don’t come bet. Similarly, pass line bets also have opposite bets called don’t pass bet in free craps on-line casino game. The place bets – 6 and 8 are among the best bets as also most popular. Buy and lay bets are placed in manner similar to place bet but odds offered are different. The free craps casino game table centre is used for hard way bets and proposition bets.

Strategies Used in Free Craps Casino Game

In a game of casino free craps, new skills can be learnt and old skills practised without any financial losses and restriction on time. Playing casino free craps is the best way to brush up on free craps casino game strategies. Strategies that can increase wins in an on-line casino free craps game is effective bank roll management and understanding of bets placed on table. It is always better to set loss limits while playing on-line casino free craps. If you practice this while playing free craps casino game, it would prove useful even while playing with real money. It is advisable to set win limits too. Alternately, once your beginning amount is over, you can stick to playing with money won and recover your initial amount. Thus playing with winnings in a free craps casino game would reduce your losses. Free craps casino game strategy of playing only with winnings is definitely the right direction to take.

Another vital point to keep in mind while playing casino free craps is to have complete understanding of all smart bets placed on table. Casino free craps has number of low edge bets and it is always safe to place pass line bets with odds to increase wins.