Casino and online casino list for Ireland

Free Slots

Online casinos offer a wide variety of free casino games as promotional offers. Among these casino games on offer, free slots are the most exciting and exceedingly popular games. Free slots are preferred because of the dazzling, sophisticated and high-tech video slot machines now available online. Online free slots have replicated the reel-button combination to give players a feel of a real casino. Aquarium Slots, Robo Slots, 3 Reel Slots, Critter Slots, Egyptian Slots and Alien Slots are some of the free slots offered by online casinos. The progress in multimedia has led to a revolution in online casinos and free slots are the beneficiaries of this development. Addition of new themes every day makes playing free slots easy and enthralling.

Why Free Slots

Free slots games are offered by various free casino websites. These are offered with the underlying objective to help players and potential customers familiarize themselves with the online casino software, user interface, and the playing of free slots on offer. Often free slots are combined with no-deposit casino bonuses and play time promotions. These offers by online casinos are absolutely fantastic, as people are able to try their luck at the games and have fun without having to risk losing their money. As there is no chance of loss, players can have maximum fun and try their creativeness while playing free casino games. This also helps prepare for playing paid slots in the future. From commercial point of view, free slots help an online casino increase their customer base and build the brand image among the potential players.

Free Slot Rules

The rules and regulations in free slots are not different from paid slot games. Free slots games are the easiest to play among all online casino games available. Due to the availability of thousands of online free slots, one can easily spend hours trying his luck at online casino.  Playing free slots at any online casino is very simple. All that one has to do to play free slots online is just to click a button. While pay scales vary from one slot to another, all free slots work around the same concept. Reels are the core of the game. Online free slots have any number of reels. Every reel has symbols and a certain number of symbols are only visible through the window. Once we click on the button of any of the free slots, the reel starts spinning and stops after a while, displaying several symbols. The combination of these symbols decides how much one has won. Free slots in online casinos allow players to bet on a number of lines displaying symbols. The most significant feature of free slots offered by online casinos is the permission to change the number of lines and amount of bet according to the players’ convenience. Once you choose the game, playing is a near-automatic process and a click on the button is all you have to do.

Free Slots Terminology

The following are some common terms one has to keep in mind while playing free slots at any of the online casinos:

Bonus is an extra credit awarded when a certain winning combination appears on the spinning wheel while playing free slots.

Candle refers to a light on top of the slot window to alert about a change in the system or hand pay.

Carousel means many playing many free slot reels at a time.

Credit Meter is a stimulated LED display of the amount of money or credits.

Hand Pay is the payout made when the amount of the payout exceeds the maximum limit preset by the free slots.

Meal Book details entries into the machine.

Optimal Play refers to a payback percentage based on a gambler’s skill.

Payline crossing through each reel indicates the winning combination.

Rollup is the process of playing sound while showing winning combination.

Weight Count refers to the amount of credit removed from a slot.

Free Slot Games

There are a number of free slots on offer by online casinos, namely, Aquarium Slots, Robo Slots, 3 Reel Slots, Critter Slots, Egyptian Slots and Alien Slots. These are mostly theme-based and display dazzling videos. The following are some types of the most popular free slots games:

  • Number-Based slots: These free slots include various 1 to 10 numbers or different symbols in their reels. Any combination of numbers is fixed as the winning combination. Five reel drive, 3 Reel Slots, 7 ocean are a few examples of these free slots.
  • Video-Based Slots: Free slot reels have videos showing different pictures, movies, cartoons as themes on windows. Combination of particular characters is considered the winning combination. Las Vegas Video Slot, Da Vinci Video Slot, Jungle Jimmy Video Slot, Paris Video Slot, Space Runners Video Slot are a few of the many such free slots.
  • Theme-Based Slots: These themes are latest invention. Free slots are used as lunching and testing ground of these themes. Cleopatra’s Gold slot, Tomb Raider slot, Caesar’s Empire slot, Aladdin’s Wishes slot belong to this free slots category.

Free Slots Tips

Many players are lured into playing free slots because of the sheer luck involved in the game. However, with hundreds of online casinos offering free slots, there is every chance of optimizing playing of these slots. Free slots offer the opportunity to understand dynamics behind the process and learn the game. It helps recognize and choose the best of the slots. Each free slot has its unique symbols and exclusive pay scale. While playing free slots, one should focus on what each combination offers for each bet and try bet max as this offers a higher payback.  Free slots offer chance to learn how more bet on fewer lines is better than fewer bet on more lines.

Another important thing to focus during free slots playing is to distinguish the difference of payouts in various slots. Some slots offer higher payouts and payback percentage up to 99 percent per spin. This means people playing these games will win more often. Recognizing such games during free slots will help play in a better way in the future.