Casino and online casino list for Ireland

Free online casino can be fun.

By mr-casino on 2010-09-29 17:05:28

If you like the idea of an online casino and gambling but do not like the idea of losing there is a solution for you called free casino. All good online casinos these days have a play for free option albeit that with some online casinos it is not as easily found as with others but keep looking, you should find it somewhere. Playing for free at an online casino can actually be great fun and it is of course an excellent way to get to know new games or slots but it is not a very good way of making money as if you are playing with fun money then you are also winning fun money. There are exceptions however which are worth looking out for and they are free tournaments which carry small amounts of actual prize money. You will probably have needed to download a casino to participate in tournaments but once in the tournaments section you will find some tournaments with very modest entry fees, and we are talking here of €1 or €2 but you will also find on occasions casinos tournaments with free entry. The prize money is obviously fairly small but you can have a lot of fun at no cost. Free casino is fun but people will bet differently even if they have only small amounts of money at stake so to get  a true feel of a tournament it is better to choose one with a nominal entry fee. Another way to play fee casino is to compete amongst your selves at home to see who can make the most money in a given time period or if you have two computers that are registered at different addresses you can have a little tournament of your own. Playing for free at an online casino can be great fun but it won’t get your adrenalin flowing quite as much as playing for real money..