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Fun at your online casino with let it ride poker

By mr-casino on 2013-06-21 12:02:30

To a non poker player the very thought of playing poker conjures up thoughts of getting trapped in a game where the stakes suddenly increase and you are faced with the prospect of seeing an “all in” which you cannot afford or simply running away and losing what you have already put in the pot but there is an online casino poker game where this does not happen and it is called let it ride poker. In let it ride poker you are playing against the online casinos and you can never lose more than your original stake but you can win more than your original stake if your hand is good enough. Let it ride poker works slightly differently from a normal card casino game in that your ante is in fact three bets so if you wanted an ante of €5 you would be putting in €15 but don’t worry because you have the chance to withdraw two bets if you don’t like the look of the cards so the minimum remains the €5 you originally wanted. Let it ride begins with your ante after which 5 cards are dealt but only three cards are visible and based upon this information you must decide whether you can form a five card hand of a pair of tens or better. At this stage in let it ride you can either withdraw one of your bets or let it ride; the next card will be exposed whatever you decide to do so that there are then 4 cards visible. With 4 cards turned, let it ride now allows you to withdraw yet another of your three bets or again you can let it ride if you think you can get a pair of tens or better. The great thing about let it ride poker is that your decisions on card 4 and card 5 are independent of each other so even if you withdrew a bet at the first opportunity you can still let your next bet ride and you are always in the game.