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Fun casino concentrates on keeping internet casino games fun

By mr-casino on 2018-03-23 12:33:08

The online gambling world seems to support the whole of the English Premier League football with shirt sponsorships and some of those names you will never have heard of but this is because they are not targeting the European market and in fact many of them may not even have a license to operate in Europe which of course they do not need if they are not operating there. The English Premier League is broadcast all over the world and particularly in Asia it is very popular which is why some of these online casino companies with strange names deem it worth advertising on shirts. One internet casino has come to the attention of does no such advertising and relies on portals such as this to spot them and that is called Fun Casino ( Any new online casino needs to offer something different to customers to  make an impact which is why has in the past made recommendations for No Bonus Casino and Freespins casino which both offer something different in the area of casino bonuses. Fun Casino is targeting the fact that some online casinos seem to have forgotten that playing casino games should be fun and should remain fun. Most internet casino players are casual players who do it for a bit of fun and in the hope of getting lucky and winning but at the same time if that does not happen they will not be too upset as long as they have had fun. Any form of entertainment is going to cost money and playing at online casinos is no different.

There is a difference, however, in the ability to take it too far. If you go out for a meal there is always the opportunity to order the most expensive wines and champagne but normal people do not do that but when it comes to online casinos it is very easy to overextend and get into serious debt. The point that Fun Casino makes is that if this happens playing is no longer fun and they therefore do everything they can to avoid that situation. Irish casino players do not have any more of a problem with this than anywhere else but it is only the individual player that can decide where the limits are as what is easily expendable for one could be a complete disaster for somebody else. Online casino players cover the whole spectrum of wealth so there is no one size fits all solution but Fun Casino is determined to keep players in the fun zone which is good for everybody concerned. They do this by encouraging new players to place their own limits on a variety of things such as deposit limits, stake limits or even length of play time limits. All online casinos offer the possibility to set limits which is part of the gamble aware campaign but there is a big difference between offering the possibility and encouraging action. Fun Casino even goes one step further by applying standard limits if the player will not set their own. This is not a preferred solution but if players cannot help themselves then Fun Casino will try to do it for them. Limits can be changed at any time but increasing the limits can only take effect after 7 days which prevents any spontaneous action being taken at a time when the player might be vulnerable for whatever reason. Limits can be decreased with immediate effect.

Apart from this approach to keeping online casino play in the fun zone foe everybody Fun Casino is a very good online casino in its own right. As you might expect for a responsible internet casino it is correctly licensed both by the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gaming Commission which enables it to operate all over Europe and it uses a range of some of the most popular casino software available giving a huge range of casino games. All casino software companies used are also correctly licensed to operate in Europe. There are all the standard casino table games such as Roulette and Blackjack with varieties that include American Roulette and Blackjack Double Xposure alongside other games such as Baccarat, Punto Banco, Caribbean Stud and Casinos Hold’em Poker and even Pontoon but in the area of casino slots Fun Casino excels. One of the major casino softwares used on the site is NetEnt which means that some of the most popular casino slots such as Gonzo’s Quest™ and Jack Hammer™ are there and another casino software being used is Amanet which is the online name of Amatic Industries. Amanet brings some different casino slots including some of the simpler ones which are easy to follow and include three reel slots. The progressive jackpot slots are not forgotten as there are games such as Mega Moolah™, Hall of Gods™ or Mega Fortune™ that regularly have jackpots in the millions of Euro. This is important for many Irish casino players who chase these massive jackpots.

Fun Casino also makes sure that all of the casino games can be played on any device so that the fun can be enjoyed wherever you are. Friendly and helpful staff are a part of keeping online casino play enjoyable and fun as is fast repayments of winnings which is another thing that Fun Casino prides itself. Having won, players like to get their hands on the cash so Fun Casino targets no more than 24 hours which is better than most online casinos. There is also a firm commitment to having a safe and fair platform so the random number generators are regularly inspected and audited by external bodies to ensure correct operation.  There are plenty of online casinos available to Irish casino players but Fun Casino is a little bit different and goes a long way to ensuring that playing casino games remains fun. Addiction can never be prevented as some people will always find a way but at least Fun Casino is doing what they can.