Casino and online casino list for Ireland

How to choose a good online casino with good casino games

By mr-casino on 2017-03-04 11:12:49

Casinos are available in practically every country in Europe where you can go to enjoy yourself and generally also make it a night out by having a drink and something to eat and some of them even have really good food except of course in Ireland where for some reason it is thought Irish land casinos might have an adverse effect on the local community. There is of course a balance between possible bad behaviour and even the likelihood of bad elements of our society being attracted to the area versus employment of local people to say nothing of the revenue they might bring in from taxes but every other country seems to manage well enough. For the time being however it seems that Irish land casinos are not going to happen so the Irish casino players will just have to make do with online casinos. Fortunately the legislation surrounding online casinos is not at all onerous which means that Ireland has one of the best selections of online casinos around but that in itself can also cause a problem as it means that any Tom, Dick or Harry could start an online casino. Some countries such as the UK to use an example have tried to curb these rogue online casinos by demanding that a license issued by the gaming authority is obtained but not in Ireland. There are however steps which you can take to ensure that the online casino you choose to play at is a good one.

You can of course choose one of the big names such as Paddy Power Casino or Ladbrokes Casino and be pretty confident that the casino games are going to fair and that the online casino is properly run and controlled but you might be missing out as some of the smaller online casinos are in the opinion of better. has done checks on the online casinos that are listed on their site to ensure that they are all correctly licensed in an appropriate jurisdiction so using one of those should not present any problems however if you want to do your own checks then study the site for where it is licensed and make sure that it is in a recognised centre of excellence for online gaming such as Malta, Gibraltar, Isle of Man or some of the Channel Islands. Even big names such as Paddy Power Casino are licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority and the Alderney Gambling Control Commission and Ladbrokes Casino is licensed in Gibraltar. Top of the list at is All Irish Casino and for very good reason not the least of which is that they try to cater specifically for the tastes of the Irish casino player.

All Irish Casino has been around for a number of years so is no newcomer to the market and it was one of the first if not the first to bring the casino software from NetEnt within reach of the Irish. The online casino is big enough to have all the casino games you could wish for but small enough to still treat customers as individuals rather than just a number on the system and is still small enough to react to the market. An example of this was the fact that although NetEnt has casino slots with jackpots they are not the ones that run into the millions of Euro. All Irish Casino recognised that some Irish casino players wanted to play these progressive jackpot casino slots and therefore came to an agreement with the casino software companies that operate them and they are now included on the All Irish Casino site. These casino slots are generally operated by Microgaming but the same games can be found at several online casino sites. All Irish Casino now combines these huge jackpot slots with the innovative slots from NetEnt to give a complete range.

A couple of the casino slots that demonstrate why NetEnt is one the favourite casino software companies at are Jack Hammer™ (or Jack Hammer 2™ which has the same features) and Gonzo’s Quest™. To look at Jack Hammer™ first this slot has done away with the traditional 5 reel design and although the symbols on the screen are in five columns of three symbols all the symbols can be moved independently of all others. This means that instead of just respinning reels any individual symbols can be replaced and it is this feature that allows Jack Hammer™ to introduce the Sticky Wins™ feature. Under this system, any symbols which form a winning line are held and all other symbols, no matter where they are, are spun again. This happens without any intervention from the player and requires no extra funding. Should this result in a different win or an improved win on the original win by getting more of the same symbols then it is the higher win that will pay out. This does not however stop after one re-spin; if the win is improved then those symbols are also held and the process is repeated. There is no limit to the number of re-spins, it only stops when there is no improvement in the win. It is amazing how a simple low paying three symbols can become a very high paying multiple symbol win.

Jack Hammer2™ has the same arrangement but Gonzo’s Quest™ although having the same fifteen independent symbols is very different. Gonzo’s Quest™ is a Peruvian/Aztec themed casino slot with symbols carved onto stone blocks but instead of winning symbols being held, those blocks explode ad are replaced by new ones. This clearly will not result in an improved win but it may well result in a different win which may be worth more especially as there is a win multiplier which ticks over to double the second win. The first win and the second win will both be paid out but again it does not stop there. As long as there is a new win the process will repeat and the win multiplier will go to 3X and to 5X. In free spins mode it is even better as the win multiplier starts at three times and runs up to an incredible fifteen times for successive wins.