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If you don’t like RNGs try live online casino.

By mr-casino on 2010-08-20 09:15:07

If you are one of the online casino players  who objects to the way the cards fall or more likely the way the ball runs around the roulette wheel in a stuttering motion and suddenly drops in an obscure number  then live online casino might be a solution. The problem with the roulette wheel arises from the use of a Random Number Generator and once the number has been selected the ball somehow has to end up in that slot in the wheel which gives rise to the sometimes strange movements making it seem to be rigged but actually as long as the RNG is correct the path of the ball is irrelevant. Most large online casinos now offer the option of roulette at their live casino although other games offered are still limited to Blackjack and Baccarat but this might change in the future  if it increases in popularity. In a live online casino  you are seeing  a real time webcam of a casino room so the dealer is actually spinning the roulette wheel or dealing the cards and the path of the roulette ball will therefore be as you would expect. The casino room is however not a casino as we know it as there are no players  present in the room;  it is a room located somewhere in the world, you can usually find out if you wish, which has been equipped with the necessary pieces of equipment such as card tables and a roulette wheel. The dealers are real enough and if you wish you can generally chat with them. We are totally confident in the integrity of the online casinos that we feature on this portal but if you have any doubts and haven’t tried live online casino it is well worth giving it a go..