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If you fancy something new try Baccarat

By mr-casino on 2011-04-13 12:23:23

If you are looking for a new game to try at your online casino then Baccarat might be worth a go. Baccarat is one of those card games that many have seen being played in the casinos on films for huge stakes and nobody understands what is going on which is perhaps the mystery surrounding the game but in actual fact it is very simple to play. There are only two hands dealt one of which is called the player and the other is called the bank although as the dealer plays both hands they could be called anything. With two hands there are only three possible outcomes and they are a win for the player, a win for the bank or a tie and rather uniquely you can bet on any of the three outcomes. The fact that the dealer is playing both hands need not be of concern as there are strict rules of play governing every situation and if you want to know what they are then please read our Play Baccarat page. The confusing part of Baccarat is the rather unusual method of counting the value of the cards and it is this which puts many people off playing but it is not too difficult and if you play Baccarat for free for a few hands you will soon get the hang of it. In short, there are only three possible bets and you cannot influence the play as it follows very strict rules making it a game of pure luck. The bank will win more often than the player so the house will make a 5% reduction from winning bets on the bank but no deduction on winning bets on the player and a tie is an uncommon result so it will pay at odds which will be published on the table. Baccarat really is worth a try if you fancy something new..