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In let it ride poker you play against the casino not against other players

By mr-casino on 2011-05-09 15:10:30

If you enjoy the idea of forming a poker hand but do not like the idea of playing against other players where you might be bluffed out of a winning hand then let it ride poker might be the solution for you. Let it ride poker or simply let it ride as it is sometimes known is one of the poker table games played against the house although the house does not actually have a hand and the idea is to form a poker hand of five cards which are a pair of tens or better. If you manage to do that you will win and the better your hand the more you will win as the better hands are paid at better odds. There are three betting rounds in total and in a rather unusual twist instead of increasing your stake during the game you are required to stake three equal bets at the beginning and in the subsequent two betting rounds you can withdraw a bet or let it ride which is where the name of the game comes from. Full details can be found at our let it ride page but in simple terms after the initial bet has been placed three cards are dealt and based upon those three cards you must decide whether you will be able to make a poker hand of a pair of tens or better with two further cards. If you think you can then you let your second bet ride (the first bet is really a form of ante which cannot be removed) but if you think you cannot you simply withdraw your second bet. In either case, a further card is dealt and the process repeated. This means that even if you withdrew your second bet you are still playing and can still win. After the second decision the fifth and final card is dealt and you find out whether you have a winning hand or not. Let it ride is a great game and very simple to play..