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Introduction to Poker by playing Let it Ride

By mr-casino on 2011-03-10 13:25:32

An interesting poker game for beginners which helps to learn the value of hands and how frequently they appear is known as Let it ride poker or more simply let it ride. Let it ride is one of the poker table games and it requires the player to form a poker hand of five cards which is why it is good for beginners but it is not played against other players but simply against the dealer and with hands paying out at fixed odds. The unusual feature of let it ride is that instead of increasing your stake as cards are turned you actually start with your maximum liability as a bet and reduce it if you wish. Let it ride starts with the player deciding upon a stake for the hand; this stake is immediately placed three times onto the table so if your bet was €10, €30 will be deducted from your cash pile and three separate bets of €10 each will be on the table. The dealer will then deal three cards to you and two cards face down on the table. The minimum hand with which you can win is one pair of tens or better so the next let it ride decision is whether, based on the three cards you can see plus the two cards face down, you can get a pair of tens or better. If you think you can, you let your second bet ride which means that your exposure is now €20; on the other hand if you do not like your chances you can simply withdraw the second €10 bet back into your cash. This does not mean that you are out of the hand as in either case one of the two face down cards is turned over and the process is repeated so that again you can let your third bet ride or withdraw it. Each decision is independent from the one before and at the end of the day the fifth card will be turned over and even if you withdrew both your additional bets if you have a pair of tens or better you will win. Let it ride is an excellent way to learn the hands of poker..