Casino and online casino list for Ireland

Ireland may not have a real casino but online casinos make up for it

By mr-casino on 2017-11-23 08:47:20

Online casinos are readily available in Ireland but when it comes to an actual casino Ireland is not well served which is a shame as there are many Irish casino players who would love to go to a resort that had a casino for a few days and enjoy themselves. Although somebody did try a couple of years ago the plan was rejected  despite the fact that it would almost certainly have brought extra revenues in taxes so all Irish casino players will have to make do with online casinos. Make do is probably the wrong terminology as many of the online casinos offer casino games which would never be found in a land based casino and the range of casino slots is certainly better at an online casino. There are even online casinos that are developed specifically for the Irish market and the reference here is to All Irish Casino rather than one of the larger recognised online casinos as presented by Paddy Power. Paddy Power casino is a great online casino but as they operate all over the world the casino itself is not trying to please Irish casino players in particular as All Irish Casino does. All Irish Casino might not be the biggest in the world in terms of numbers of customers which it would be difficult to do only operating in Ireland but it is a very appealing site. Actually All Irish Casino does attract customers from other countries but the vast majority are from Ireland.

This online casino has chosen to use predominately casino software from Netent which is one of the larger names in the business and offers some very entertaining casino slots. The thinking here is probably that Irish casino players are there for the fun of it with a wish to make a profit rather than an expectation of doing so. Some of the casino slots therefore, such as Gonzo’s Quest™, are designed with entertainment in mind but it is still possible to make some substantial profits with a bit of luck. This particular casino slot features an intrepid explorer in deepest Peru and his name as you may have guessed is Gonzo. He stands by watching as you play the game sometimes scratching his beard waiting for something good to happen. The symbols have a sort of Aztec theme and are pretty ugly faces carved onto stone blocks. They are certainly not the regulation cards and bars and fruits but they are still easy to follow. The unique feature of this casino slot is that a winning combination of blocks causes them to explode with suitable sound effects. Any blocks that were on top of the ones which exploded drop down to take their place with any missing on the top row being replaced. This new arrangement may well result in another winning row and if it does you are in luck because there is a win multiplier on this casino slot which has moved to double your win but the fun does not stop there as the process of blocks exploding and being replaced carries on until no further win is achieved and the win multiplier moves from 2X to 3x and on to 5X with successive wins. A big win will stir Gonzo into action as he joins in the celebration and tries some catch some of the gold coins in his hat.

The real money however is to be made in free spins mode which is called free falls in this particular slot. Three free falls symbols not only cause the blocks to part but Gonzo is very happy to escort you to a separate game where the win multiplier starts at 3 so all wins are automatically tripled and from there moves onto 6X, 9X and 15X for successive wins. With this a fairly moderate win soon becomes something very substantial. There are of curse also wild symbols to help you along. Gonzo’s Quest is certainly an entertaining casino slot but there are others on the All Irish Casino site. If you are looking for something more Irish then try Lucky Leprechaun which features the Trail O’Fortune. The free spins in this casino slot are pretty impressive as your free spins can increase in number while in free spins mode and the win multiplier can also increase during play which can provide some very healthy wins but the Trail O’ Fortune which is achieved by getting three or more pots of gold provides a massive win multiplier which can run up to 1000 times.

All Irish Casino also has one of the best live casino options available and it is brought to you from an actual casino building in Malta which is unusual as most live casinos are streamed from a room somewhere in Eastern Europe. If you fancy yourself a s a high roller then this is the place to be as the stakes possible are quite large. Netent casino software has some pretty impressive jackpots on their casino slots which regularly run over €1 million and in fact Hall of Gods™ was recently over the €5 million mark and Mega Fortune™ running at over €4 million. If that were not enough All Irish Casino also carries some of the jackpot slots from Microgaming such as Mega Moolah™ which have been known to reach nearly €10 million. Ireland may not have any land based casinos but with specialist online casinos that focus on Irish players that offer the chance to win millions from the comfort of your own home who cares?

There are plenty of other online casinos that carry the NetEnt casino software so if for some reason All Irish Casino does not suit then take a look at No Bonus Casino or Freespins Casino. Both of these online casinos carry the NeteNt software and they also both have promotions which are not only for new players but for every player on every deposit they make into their casino account.