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Irish casino news is quiet at the moment

By mr-casino on 2015-08-04 10:52:00

There is not much happening in the Irish casino news at the moment as all the rumours surrounding takeovers and mergers seem to have subsided for the minute but one thing that never seems to leave the scene is the connection between drugs and corruption and casinos. Online casinos are always open to crimes such as money laundering which is why every online casino takes as much care as they can to avoid it and that is why when you open an account at an online casino you will be asked some questions and you may have to provide proof of who you really are. Just recently we read in the casino news that the deputy speaker of the Israeli Knesset is accused of being involved in using hard drugs and acquiring prostitutes for clients in a casino in Bulgaria where he is something to do with management. Bulgaria is not the most advanced country in Europe and although they have casinos, hard drugs and prostitution are illegal. What does seem ironic is that it is reported in the Irish casino news that the gentleman in question Mr Oren Hazan has recently been appointed to the Knesset committee for the war on drugs. Another Irishman Dave Duggan has been in the casino news recently for performing what is known as the 673 King Street card trick which has gone viral on the internet and if you have never seen it, it is well worth watching as he relates a story and turns cards to match the story. If you ever come up against him in an online casino beware, he is very clever. Casino reforms in Ireland which may affect online casinos available here do not seem to be happening with some in the casino news stating that nothing will happen before the April 2016 elections.