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Irish casino news reports possible UN sanction breaches

By mr-casino on 2014-01-29 10:12:08

In the Irish casino news there are reports that our own Paddy Power may be in trouble with the authorities over breaches in sanctions against North Korea. Paddy Power, the online casino provider, has been in the Irish casino news before but it is usually for pushing the boundaries a bit in the advertising world or doing something else a bit obscure but breaking UN sanctions is a pretty serious offence although of course it has yet to proven. According to the Irish casino news it all started with a trip to North Korea by US basketball star Dennis Rodman, the trip being sponsored by Paddy Power, but there are conflicting reports about what has taken and presented to Kim Jong-un for his 31st birthday. Online casinos are of course unheard of in North Korea so exactly why a gift was taken in the first place is an unanswered question but nevertheless a press officer for the company is quoted in the Irish casino news as stating that a gift was taken which comprised a bottle of Jamesons, a decanter and two glasses. This contradicts other reports in the casino news from a former US diplomat in South Korea who said that birthday gifts to Kim Jong-un were well in excess of $10,000 and included Italian suits and a Mulberry handbag. Under UN sanctions luxury goods are not allowed to be exported to N Korea and that includes high quality spirits or lead crystal glassware. In the meantime Paddy Power has stated in the casino news that they have withdrawn its support for the Rodman trip after the execution of Kims uncle and added that it was “satisfied that we haven’t breached any export control sanctions in relation to this matter”. It remains to be seen where this goes from here but f there are further reports in the casino news you can read about it here.