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Irish lottery in the Irish casino news

By mr-casino on 2012-07-28 08:57:34

In the Irish casino news recently we find that the Irish Lottery is looking for a new operator who is willing to put a considerable sum of money upfront in exchange for a 20 year licence. There are of course several lotteries which are available through online casinos but the Irish lottery as in the Irish casino news is the one where you have to buy a ticket which currently is only available after a rather difficult off line registration process due to outdated legislation but in the new arrangements it will have to be possible to buy tickets online. The Irish Lottery is of course a great money generator for the Government and the many good causes which are supported by the approximately 30% of revenues and we learn in the Irish casino news that this will be maintained along with the fixed percentage paid to retailers. The problem arises in making the sums add up as the Irish casino news has learned that to attract a lump sum investment the operators commission will have to rise from around 0.5% to around 6% in order to be viable but if all other costs remain the same then the prize fund will have to shrink; a move which will not be popular. Irish casino news has also picked up on the fact that although tendering is due to start in October and operation early next year what is not clear is what is being tendered for; in other words is the tender simply for a license for a 20 year period leaving the ownership 80% in the hands of An Post or is it the complete lottery business. Obviously there are one or two things to be sorted out but we hope that our lottery prizes will not be adversely affected by any of these moves.