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Is live casino for you or not

By mr-casino on 2015-11-30 17:30:49

Live casino when it was first introduced to online casinos was supposed to be what everybody was waiting for but it is quite surprising how few people actually play there preferring instead to stick with the original online casino. The reasons for this are unclear but one of the reasons could be that the live casino option at every online casino has so few casino games which require a dealer and they are generally roulette, blackjack and baccarat. Online casino slots for example require no dealer and therefore do not appear at the live casino option. There are of course advantages to live casino especially for those who do not trust the random number generators which are used in online casinos as you can actually see the roulette wheel being spun and the cards dealt. It should be noted that online casinos have no need to tamper with an RNG as in the long run the online casino always wins due to the house edge but can have some sympathy with those that see the roulette ball jump into a slot on the wheel in a very erratic manner when playing online roulette; at least the ball has a smooth passage in the live casino version even though your chances of winning are the same. A few Irish casino players also like the idea of being able to chat to the dealer or croupier while they are playing but others just find that a distraction and anyway the live casino dealer is usually hundreds of miles away in a room in eastern Europe somewhere. Live casino definitely has a place in the online casino world but whether it will ever be as big as originally thought remains an open question. If you have never tried it then by all means give it a go, it is the only way to find out whether live casino is for you or not.