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Isle of Man in the Irish casino news

By mr-casino on 2015-10-11 15:21:05

Not exactly Irish casino news but nevertheless interesting is the fact that the Isle of Man which has historically been a bit of a financial centre now reports that online casinos are the largest tax generator. The online casino business has been increasing in the Isle of Man for a number of years due to the tax friendly attitude in the same way as other centres for online casinos such as Gibraltar and Malta but generally they keep themselves out of the casino news. The Isle of Man has of course no natural resources so online casino operators basing themselves there are an integral part of the economy and are encouraged along with communication and technology industries. Also in the Irish casino news it is reported that Italy is making life more difficult for online casino players and operators by increasing taxes and possibly banning advertising for online gambling altogether. Italy is recognised as being full of keen gamblers even though in online poker for example nobody from outside Italy is allowed to take part and several of the major online casinos are registered in the country. Meanwhile the decline in gambling in Macau continues to be reported in the Irish casino news as share prices tumble once again. Macau has been in the Irish casino news on a number of occasions as the Chinese president Xi Jinping continues his crackdown on corruption in the country. The fact that this has had a direct influence on the takings in Macau casinos from high rolling Chinese visitors does suggest that many wealthy Chinese have made their money in a less than legitimate way and gambling was a way to effectively launder the cash. Several in the industry suggest that the situation is likely to get worse while the crackdown continues.