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It seems few people know how to play Caribbean Stud Poker

By mr-casino on 2011-02-18 11:14:27

Caribbean Stud or Caribbean Stud Poker to give it the full name is one of those table games that many people have heard of and seen in casinos but few people actually know how to play which is a shame as it is actually very easy and it provides a good chance of winning. The origins of the game are a little unclear but what is sure is that it was played some 30 years ago in a casino on the Dutch Caribbean island of Aruba. The game is in fact a variation of 5 card stud but instead of playing against other players which involves betting rounds and bluffing, you are playing against the dealer one on one even if there are other players around the table in a similar way to Blackjack. The hands of Poker are exactly the same as in any other Poker game which if you are not sure about can be found in any bookmaker’s poker pages. All you need to do is beat the dealer with one proviso that in order for the game to begin the dealer must have an Ace and a King or better. Full details of how to play are contained on our Caribbean Stud page but basically the better your hand the more you can win as various hands are paid out at fixed odds which can if you so wish include a jackpot for a Royal Flush. If you are going to play for the jackpot game, take a look at the various casinos first as the jackpots can vary quite a lot from day to day and while you are doing that check the payouts for a straight flush as some casinos pay a fixed amount and some pay a percentage of the jackpot so you need to work out which is better. Try free Caribbean stud first if you are not sure and we think you will quickly realise what a simple game it is to play and win..