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Jamaica to approve huge new casino complex

By mr-casino on 2014-04-11 16:28:44

In the Irish casino news this week we find comments from Jamaica that echo some of the sentiments that we have seen in Ireland about mega entertainment sites that include casinos. Apparently in Jamaica politicians are about to approve the building of a massive new entertainment complex which will comprise 2000 rooms in a hotel, bars, restaurants, health club and a fully functional casino. Online casinos are not new to Jamaican residents or at least those that have a computer and as a holiday destination Jamaica has been popular for years but the country is not without crime and the worry is that casinos will being even more crime to the island. You may recall that reported a couple of years ago about a proposed mega casino in Manchester UK but that was shelved due to public outcry about increased crime, drug abuse and even suicide but what is strange there is that online casino play is available to anybody and although the UK is regulated it is no stricter than anywhere else in Europe. Online casinos are illegal in the USA and the reported crime rates in those States (Nevada and New Jersey) that do allow casinos is much higher than anywhere else including Mafia links according to some stories in the casino news. Interestingly enough it seems that the biggest problem for Jamaica might be corruption of the lawmakers themselves and some reports in the casino news suggest that more corruption charges are brought in states where there are casinos as well. That is probably one advantage of online casinos that they are not dependent upon local politicians. Whether Jamaica makes a go of it or not the prospect of many new jobs and income from tourists will probably be too much to refuse the development. will keep you up to date through the Irish casino news pages.