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Know what a casino bonus really means

By mr-casino on 2016-08-04 10:52:54

There are multiple reasons for selecting one online casino from all of those available but one of the worst reasons is because of the casino bonus which is offered to new players. Most, but not all, online casinos use this tactic to attract new players to their site and often quote huge casino bonus numbers but there are a couple of things which you should be aware of to avoid disappointment. There is nothing wrong with this sort of casino bonus but knowing the limitations is important. To start with these casino bonuses are what are known as deposit matching bonuses which means that the bonus is proportional to your first deposit made into the online casino. True to say that the proportion for a first deposit is generally 100% but that means that in order to receive a casino bonus of say €200 you need to deposit €200 into your account. There are online casinos that quote figures such as €500 but that figure is usually spread over the first two or even three deposits and the percentage match is not normally 100% for all of them so you may end up having to deposit more than you initially thought in order to get the full amount of casino bonus. That however is not the end of the story as all casino bonus money is placed into your bonus account rather than your playing account and as such is not accessible other than to play casino games. In order to get that casino bonus money transferred into your playing account and thereby make it possible to be withdrawn you will need to fulfil certain requirements. These requirements are known as “play through” and the idea is that the new player has to stake all of the casino bonus money a number of times before transfer into the playing account can take place. This number can often be as high as 40 times which means that if your casino bonus was €200 you will need to stake €8000. Beware also the online casinos that quote a figure of 20 times as that is generally applicable to both your deposit and the bonus which if the matching bonus is 100% is the same as 40 times the bonus. Most online casinos also restrict the casino games which are applicable for play through so for example roulette or blackjack which are considered low risk games by online casinos often count for only 10% or in some cases not at all. Using the same example of a €200 bonus and 40 times play through you would need to stake €80000 when playing roulette before any cash could be withdrawn. Clearly the more you are forced to play the better the chance that the online casino will win so the bonus will never actually be paid out. Of course it would be foolish to say that nobody ever gets their hands on a casino bonus but the chances are smaller than you might think. This type of casino bonus does enable you to play for much longer than would be the case without a bonus and therefore there is more entertainment and enjoyment to be had but if you are expecting to get your hands on the cash, you could be disappointed. The other disadvantage to this type of casino bonus is that it is only available to new players so once you have registered and received your bonus, that’s it for life.

Fortunately there are alternatives to this type of casino bonus which may be more interesting to some online casino players such as at the aptly named online casino As the name suggests this online casino does not offer any type of casino bonus but instead tries to attract players by offering them money back if they lose. The system is simple enough and if you make a deposit into the casino, play any of the casino games and lose your entire deposit in a single day then you will be refunded 10% of your cash the very next day with no questions asked. You do not need to apply for anything and what is more you are free to do whatever you want with the refunded cash. You can play again or if you wish you can simply take the money out. The next good thing about this offer from No Bonus Casino is that it is available to every Irish casino player for every deposit so not only to new players. You can of course opt out of this casino bonus as you can with any other casino bonus but cannot think of a reason why you would want to. No Bonus casino is not the only online casino to offer something different to Irish casino players as there is also At Freespins Casino there is no matching casino bonus but instead every casino deposit attracts a number of free spins on a selection of casino slots. The number of free spins depends on  the size of the deposit and which casino slot is selected to play them but for example a €250 deposit secure no less than 450 free spins at the popular casino slot Starburst™ or 225 free spins the NetEnt provided Gonzo’s Quest both of  which have a relative value of €45. This is equivalent to an extra 18% of playing time. When playing free spins there is a good chance of making money as you are investing nothing yourself so it is reasonable to expect that the online casino has play through requirements for those profits. That play through requirement is 50 times the profits but as you are playing with the casino’s money there is nothing to lose. Once again this casino bonus offer is available to every player on every deposit they make into their casino playing account. Casino bonuses can be a good thing but it is worth knowing that there are alternatives to the simple one off new player bonuses.