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Know your online casino deposit options

By mr-casino on 2013-07-15 11:20:59

When shopping on the internet most people will simply reach for a credit card and making a deposit into an online casino account is also an internet transaction but reaching for a credit card is probably not the best of the casino deposit options. All online casinos have numerous methods for depositing money into an account but they can be broadly divided into three categories which are debit cards, credit cards and e-wallets. The debit card is actually a reasonable casino deposit method as the money is instantly available in your online casino account and there should be no charges either from the casino or from your card issuer; the credit card deposit method however is not particularly good as although the money will be available for casino play straightaway the downside is that it will be treated as a cash withdrawal which means it will be subject to high interest charges from the day of withdrawal. Online casinos will also accept most sorts of e-wallets as a deposit method and these are also good and subject to no charges other than the standard charge for the transaction. E-wallets as well as being convenient for online casino deposits are also very useful for other internet transactions as they keep your bank account details away from the supplier and if you do not have an account they are very simple to open and all you need to decide is how to fund that account. A fourth casino deposit method is available for Irish casino players at Paddy Power and Ladbrokes and that is cash. At both these well known bookmakers you can walk into any of their shops and deposit cash over the counter which is immediately credited to your online casino account; the only drawback with this method being that you are dependent on the opening times of the shop.