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Ladbrokes in the casino news as it reduces language availability

By mr-casino on 2011-02-04 08:25:02

Whist many online casinos are proudly expanding their range of languages, in the Irish casino news is the fact that Ladbrokes is going the other way and reducing the number of offerings or as Ladbrokes   Gary McIlraith, said: “We’ve taken a fresh look at what is the appropriate number of languages we operate in, their cost effectiveness and potential moving forward. As a result of the in depth review we are reducing the range of languages and tailored sites that we offer. This will enable us to better target our internal resources and strengthen our marketing spend around those languages and markets that have the potential to provide significant and durable, regulated revenue and profit.”. There is nothing that will effect Irish customers as Ireland along with Belgium and of course the UK continue to be markets of major importance but it is interesting to note that languages such as Russian or Finnish along with a number of the Baltic and East European ones will no longer be offered.  Interestingly enough Ladbrokes has decided to have “tailored sites” as they call them in simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese which we can only assume is for the thousands of Chinese people who are not resident in China; Thai is also another interesting choice but as long as they continue to have Ireland as a key market that is fine by us. Ladbrokes which can trace its origins back to 1886 is one of the biggest bookmakers and online casino operators in Ireland employing more than 16000 people worldwide, with over three quarters of a million online customers and operating 2700 shops in Ireland, Belgium, Spain and the UK and despite this reduction it still operates in 18 languages and 17 currencies. These changes have taken effect from February 1st this year.