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Ladbrokes in the casino news with disappointing results

By mr-casino on 2012-07-18 12:17:11

In the general casino news this week Ladbrokes is blaming the failure to launch new software in time for Euro 2012 for a fall in profits from the division which includes the online casino although we have seen recently results from other online bookmakers that suggest that Euro 2012 was more of a result for the gamblers than the bookmakers which here at we like to hear. Ladbrokes was of course in the casino news last year for committing some £50 million to a revamped online casino and gambling site after talks of partnership with the likes of 888 broke down so Chief Executive Richard Glynn will be particularly disappointed and indeed is quoted as being “knocked sideways”. Notwithstanding this Mr Glynn is in the casino news as saying that the betting shops on the high street would compensate for the online disappointments which we take to mean that those are forecast to deliver above forecast profits and that the first half forecasts would not change. Mr Glynn is also in the casino news as stating that although the result is disappointing he believes that Ladbrokes is on the right track and will recover the situation. Whether there is any connection or not we do not know but at we have recently written about Ladbrokes casino and the interesting new sign up bonuses and daily giveaways so maybe they are trying to hang on to customers while the new online casino goes through the testing phase. Regardless of this casino news we still consider that the current online casino offering is as good as many on the market so we look forward to the new online casino and online gambling software with interest and when it appears we shall place something in our general casino news section and possibly also find out more about it.