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Ladbrokes in the general casino news

By mr-casino on 2012-04-09 17:22:08

In an unusual piece of general casino news we found that Ladbrokes casino stated in recent reports that profits from online activity in 2011 were down over 12% to around £55 million but Chief Executive Richard Glynn defended the figures by saying that poor online sports results and poor online poker results hid the underlying progress made in other areas such as online casino. We reported earlier in the general casino news that Ladbrokes casino was to make a push forward in the online market by investing anything up to £50 million and Mr Glynn is still adamant that the strategy will work when he was quoted in the general casino news as saying “I spent most of my life playing sport and at the end of the day it’s the score that counts. There’s no doubt about it, the scores are not where I want them to be at the moment”. The investment in the online casino and other online operations was intended to close the gap with William Hill Online who have also been in the general casino news recently by reporting an increase in annual revenues. Chief Executive Ralph Topping also revealed that talks with Playtech which have been on and off and reported in our general casino news section on more than one occasion would be restarted. The joint venture was in the general casino news back in 2008 but the final piece of the jigsaw would see William Hill having an option to buy the remaining 21% belonging to Playtech by October 2013 but we believe some problems may have convinced Mr Topping to accelerate the process. At the same time in the general casino news William Hill reported online revenues up by some 28% but profits down due to restructuring costs. We believe that next time we see William Hill in the general casino news they will be talking about activity in the USA.