Casino and online casino list for Ireland

A land based casino can never match an online casino for variety

By mr-casino on 2017-07-26 14:33:05

It is really a great shame but Irish land casinos do not really exist which restricts Irish casino players to using online casinos. This is however not really  limitation as online casinos have a greater choice of casino games than any Irish land casino is likely to have and the choice of online casinos available to us is larger than most other countries but this can bring its own problems in trying to sort the good from the less good. The only real advantage of land based casinos is the atmosphere which is created by people either winning or losing and those of you who have managed to find a land based casino in other countries will know that sharing in that joy is part of the fun of the land based casino. As good as they are, online casinos cannot offer this sort of entertainment and even at the live casino option you cannot participate in the joy of others. Nevertheless online casinos fulfill the needs of most casino players due the range of games available which is not restricted to roulette and blackjack although they are possibly the most popular table games played. It is in the area of casino slots that online casinos really take a lead over any land based casino with the possible exception of some of the casinos in Las Vegas due to the fact that they offer literally hundreds of different ones and of course the massive slots jackpots which are available at online casinos can never be found at land based casinos. Which of the casino slots you choose will depend on what sort of player you are.

There are Irish casino players who only chase the huge jackpots which are often in the multiples of millions of Euro. Those players keep their eyes on which of slots jackpots is the largest and play at those slots exclusively. Fortunately online casinos such as All Irish Casino have a tab which is dedicated to jackpot games and where the size of the jackpot at any time is shown. In this way the jackpot chaser can choose between Arabian NIghts™, Mega Moolah™, Mega Fortune™, Hall of Gods™ or Major Millions™ depending on which is the largest. There are also smaller jackpots for those players who prefer a simpler game such as WowPot which is a more traditional 3 reel slot with a maximum three coin bet but still offers several thousand Euro as a jackpot. Other players will follow those casino slots that they consider most entertaining which is usually down to the characters in the game or some special feature or possibly both. Gonzo’s Quest™ certainly falls into this category and is proving very popular. This slot is based in Peru and has a sort of Aztec theme with the slots symbols being carved onto blocks of stone but it is Gonzo himself that adds to the entertainment value even though he is but a bystander. Watch him scratching his beard and twirling his hat and join in the celebrations when you hit a good win but his favourite pastime is escorting you to the free spins game where wins can be multiplied by up to 15 times face value.

The slot features 15 independent symbols and has a win multiplier. The blocks in a winning line explode and are replaced with others whereupon the win multiplier moves from 1X to 2X which means that of the new arrangement is also a win then it pays at double the face value. The process repeats itself until no further win is achieved with the multiplier moving through 3X to 5X. All wins are cumulative and the process happens automatically without any further staking requirement. There are wild and free spin symbols called free falls in this slot and as already mentioned that is where real large amounts of cash can be won. None of this is likely to be found at Irish land casinos even if there were any.

Other fun slots can be found at many online casinos and one which particularly appeals to is called Birds on a Wire™ and can be found at Fortunately the birds are not at all realistic as it would otherwise be a bit sadistic seeing them being electrocuted on live wires and disappearing in a puff of feather and soot. They are actually rather weird looking birds that often look far too overweight to actually fly and one of them actually moves around inside a paper bag but it is certainly entertainment value and again it is one of those casino slots that has a win multiplier with the electrocuted birds being replaced by other flying in. The sound effects are also quite amusing so for entertainment value this is well worth a go.

There are also casino slots for those that love having a TV theme and one of those is Game of Thrones™ which is a five reel slot boasting 243 winning lines with good exciting theme music. For film buffs how about Jurassic Park™ or Jurassic World™. As you can see online casinos such as All Irish Casino bring much more choice of casino slots than ever be found in a land based casino and of course there are still various roulette and blackjack games to keep you busy and entertained. If none of those suit then take an adventure into playing Caribbean Stud or the card game with a reputation for being for high rollers called Baccarat or Punto Bnaco as it is known in some circles. It is a mystery how the game has the reputation it has as it is actually one of the simplest of all gambling games  as there are only two hands dealt and there are three possible bets and the dealer plays both hands so there is absolutely no skill involved whatsoever.