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Laser casino deposits are a good choice

By mr-casino on 2015-07-31 14:56:23

All online casinos have a list of deposit methods available on the banking page and most of them will accept a laser card deposit. Readers not from Ireland will probably wonder what exactly a Laser card is as outside Ireland it is unknown but in effect it is a debit card very similar to maestro and in fact it bears the same logo. The fact that most online casinos accept Laser card casino deposits reflect how popular online casino play is in Ireland and as there are reportedly more than 3 million cards in circulation means that online casinos cannot ignore the Irish casino market. For new online casino players to make a Laser casino deposit you will first need to register the card which a simple procedure although it does require a few questions to be answered mostly for your own security but once that is done casino deposits can be made at any time and the cash will be available in your account within seconds. There are of course plenty of other casino deposit methods including any number of credit cards and e-wallets but both of those tend to have charges associated with them making Laser card casino deposits a very good option. The same card can also be used to make withdrawals of winning from your chosen online casino but it may take a few days to get your money. The banking page of the online casino usually provides an overview of how long it takes but it is usually only a few days at the most. The Irish Laser card is definitely a flexible friend when it comes to online casino deposits with the only slight drawback being that your card is registered with yet another outlet but as long as you are using a good online casino with good encryption such as any of those listed at it should be of no concern.