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Laser casino deposits are a very Irish thing

By mr-casino on 2012-09-24 11:57:00

This Irish online casinos site is mainly for the use of the Irish gambling public although we know that we have readers from other countries who are of course most welcome but today we are going to look at the various options for making deposits into your online casino account and hopefully also withdrawals and one of those methods is by using a Laser card which is a very Irish thing that people from other countries have probably never heard of despite the fact that there are some 3 million laser cards around. The most popular online casino deposit methods remain credit cards, debit cards and e-wallets and as credit cards often carry charges debit cards such as the Laser debit card probably lead the way in Ireland. To deposit into your online casino with Laser is simplicity itself and once you have registered your card repeat deposits or withdrawals are even easier and all major online casinos operating in Ireland will accept Laser for casino deposits. Laser card casino deposits are available immediately in your online casino account and there should be no charges associated with the transaction but withdrawals of winnings may take a few days depending on which online casino you have chosen to use. Laser casino deposits are similar to Maestro debit card deposits which may be more familiar to non Irish gamblers. particularly likes the use of the Laser debit card as it is impossible to run up gambling debts by playing with money that you do not have as if the cash is not in your bank account then the Laser casino deposit will be refused unlike a credit card where it will be accepted and you them have the problem of paying back at a later date and often at prohibitive interest rates.