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Laser is an Irish only casino deposit method

By mr-casino on 2011-12-19 10:06:10

It may come as a surprise to many Irish people but the familiar Laser card is a very Irish thing and you are not likely to find to find it anywhere outside our borders; many of us fund our casino with laser accounts without giving it a second thought but any readers from overseas will not know what it is. In actual fact a Laser casino card is a simple debit card similar to a maestro card and it is an excellent method to make casino deposits and withdrawals and there should be no charges levied by either the issuing bank or the online casino unlike a credit card where you will almost certainly encounter charges. Laser cards can of course be used for any number of internet transactions as well as online casino funding and the fact that there are over 3 million laser cards in circulation suggests they are in very common use. To use a laser card for casino transactions you will need to have the money in your bank account first;  this is not a credit card so the money will come straight out of your account but the upside is that the money will also instantly be available in your online casino account for you to use on your favourite casino games. Withdrawing funds from your casino account to your laser account is also a very simple process but it is usually not quite as instant as depositing with laser; how long it takes depends upon your issuing bank but it is generally only a few days at the most. Most of the online casinos will accept laser deposits from Irish customers and those that don’t are clearly not interested in your business but certainly our top online casinos such as Ladbrokes casino, Party casino and Paddy Power casino will accept Laser casino deposits..