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Let it ride could be your online casino poker game

By mr-casino on 2012-07-02 13:22:25

If you enjoy video pokers you may well find that let it ride poker or just let it ride for short is also up your street as the two have many similarities as well as two important differences. Both let it ride poker and video poker are forms of poker that are played against the house with the dealer not having a hand which means that as long as you have a hand which is good enough which is generally a pair of tens or better you will win and the better your hand is the better the payout odds are. Both video poker and let it ride are played with regular poker hands of 5 cards so as long as you understand poker hands both are easy to play and unlike a real poker game you cannot be bluffed out of a hand and you cannot lose more than your stake but there are differences. In video poker you are dealt 5 cards and have the opportunity to change any number of them whereas in let it ride you are dealt all 5 cards but only three are face up but whereas video poker only gives you one chance to change cards, let it ride gives you two opportunities to withdraw a bet thus reducing your stake if you do not like the cards you have. This is accomplished by your initial bet in let it ride being in fact three bets two of which can be withdrawn, one before the fourth card is revealed and one more before the final card is revealed but of course you can also let one or more of the bets ride which is where the name of this casino game comes from. Also of note is the fact that even though you withdraw a bet before the fourth card you can still let your final bet ride if you so wish. Let it ride is a great simple poker game and ideal to learn the value of poker hands and although not available at all online casinos you can find it at All Irish Casino.