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Let it ride is a casino poker game with a difference

By mr-casino on 2012-09-14 11:17:32

Let it ride is one of those casino games that reverses the normal idea of betting more if you like your hand as you initially place three bets and withdraw them if you don’t like your hand. Let it ride is in fact an online casino poker game and in fact the full name is let it ride poker but the only thing it has in common with most poker games is the formation of a poker hand; there is no bluffing or raising in let it ride and you are not playing against anybody else so if your hand is good enough, you win. Paddy Power casino prefers to call this casino game let them ride but it is the same game which starts with you placing three equal size bets the first of which is your ante bet but the other two may be withdrawn at a later stage. After this you will receive three cards face up and two community cards will be placed face down. Your next decision is whether you think your three cards together with the two community cards can make a poker hand of a pair of tens or better and your decision in let it ride affects your second bet only; if you like the look of your hand you can let your second bet ride but if not you can withdraw your second bet. It is here where if you play let it ride you have an advantage over normal casino games as simply because you are withdrawing a bet does not mean you are folding your hand. Whichever decision you make the first community card will be turned over and the process repeats itself for the third bet. Each decision in let them ride is independent of earlier or later decisions, your hand plays right to the end even if you have withdrawn both additional bets. Let them ride or let it ride is a casino game that is easier to play than to explain and although it is not available at all online casinos it is well worth a try.