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Let it ride is a good introduction to online casino poker

By mr-casino on 2012-04-27 13:19:32

To look at our television screens you would be tempted to think that everybody knows how to play poker but we know that the truth is different and there are many who maybe like the idea of playing poker but are a bit reluctant to get started but let it ride poker can help. Playing let it ride poker at an online casino will help you understand the hands, their ranking order and even give you some idea of the frequency with which the hands appear and unlike some other forms of poker when playing let it ride poker you can never lose more than your original stake and if you have a winning hand you win. Let it ride poker is played against the bank and the idea is to form a poker hand from the five cards that are dealt to you; if you have a hand containing a pair of tens or better then you win and the better your hand, the more you win. To play let it ride poker you must first place three identical bets which is a bit unusual  but don’t worry because you have the chance to withdraw two of those bets if you do not like your cards. In let it ride play you will be dealt three cards face up and two face down; you then decide whether together with the two cards that you cannot see you can get a pair of tens or better; if you think that you can then you leave your second bet in place or in other words you let it ride, if not you can withdraw your second bet but the game continues when one of the face down cards is revealed. The let it ride process then repeats itself and you can withdraw your third bet or not regardless of what you did with your second bet. The last card is then turned and if you have a winning let it ride hand you win. Let it ride poker is a good introduction to the world of online poker.