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Let it ride is a great online casino game

By mr-casino on 2015-01-02 11:51:00

Welcome to 2015 from the specialised Irish casino site where it is hoped even more people will be helped to find some safe entertainment in the form of an online casino. Online casinos offer an enormous choice of casino games not only in the casino slots section but in other games as well and one of the most sought after is poker and many potential Irish poker players ask how they can learn the game without it costing them a small fortune when they make mistakes. Online casinos offer a couple of casino poker games which are played against the house and where there is  no bluffing or raising of stakes but where you can learn the value of hands and one of those is Let it Ride Poker or simply let it ride for short. Let it ride is played for fixed stakes so you can never lose more than you stake although you should be aware that at the beginning of play at let it ride you are required to place three equal size bets but you have the chance to withdraw two of those bets during play. Let it ride is only played at online casinos and there is only one hand dealt which is yours and you win if you have a hand of a pair of tens or better but of course it is not quite that simple. Online casino let it ride starts with three cards being dealt face up and two face down and this is the first point at which you are allowed to withdraw one of your bets. Regardless of whether you remove a bet or not you are still in the game. Having decided , let it ride continues with the first face down card being revealed so you now have view of 4 of the 5 cards and must make your next decision about removing a bet. In let it ride this second decision is totally independent of the first decision then lastly the final is turned over and if you have won you are paid. Online casino let it ride is a great introduction to online poker.