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Let it ride is a great online casino game

By mr-casino on 2014-03-28 13:24:32

One of the more unusual online casino games which is nevertheless great fun to play is called let it ride poker or simply let it ride and although it is called poker it bears no resemblance to the poker games such as Texas Hold’em which are played against other players and where you can lose your whole stack in one hand. Let it ride or let them ride as Paddy Power casino prefers to call it is a very simple game where 5 cards are dealt and if you have a pair of tens or better then you win and the better your hand the more you win. Not enough online casinos offer this form of poker but if you can find it then it is an interesting casino game with a good chance of winning. The strange thing about let it ride is that instead of increasing your stake when you think you have a chance of a winning hand as you might do in blackjack for example, in let it ride you place three bets at the beginning and then have the chance to withdraw two of them as the cards are turned which comes to the same thing. There are three cards dealt to the player and two community cards face down so you may in fact already have a winning hand in your first three cards. After the deal you have the option of withdrawing one of your bets or not after which one of the community cards is revealed and the process is repeated. Your second decision is totally independent of your first so you may have withdrawn a bet at the first opportunity but you can still let your second bet ride. In this way you can adjust your bet for every hand and you are always in the game with one of your bets.