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Let it ride is a simple casino poker game

By mr-casino on 2013-08-26 07:43:51

Despite all the poker that we can find on our television screens these days even some seasoned gamblers do not know how to play and it can of course be quite difficult to learn the game without it costing a small fortune but there is a simple game of poker called let it ride poker or simple let it ride that can be a good place to start. Let it ride poker can be found at most online casinos and it is played against the online casino rather than against other players which means you cannot lose to a more experienced player and you cannot lose more than your original stake on the hand plus, if you have a winning hand you will win which is not necessarily the case in other forms of online poker where you can be bluffed out of the hand. The idea of this casino game is to form a poker hand of a pair of tens or better and if you do then you win. Let it ride starts by the online casino giving the player five cards, three of which are face up and two face down. The player must place three identical bets before this happens and that is the maximum stake for the hand but not the minimum as there are opportunities to withdraw two of the three bets. If on the basis of the first three cards you fancy your chances of getting a pair of tens or better you simply let your second bet ride and the fourth card will be revealed. If you do not like the look of your first three cards then the online casino will show a “withdraw bet” button or similar which allows you to withdraw a bet. Either way the let it ride play continues with the fourth card being revealed and the process repeats before he final card is turned. Let it ride at online casinos is a great way to learn the value and sequence of poker hands.