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Let it ride is a simple casino poker game

By mr-casino on 2011-07-22 10:47:28

There are many online casino players and land based casino players who enjoy video poker machines but there is a similar game available at some online casinos which is called let it ride poker or simply let it ride. Unlike video pokers there is no opportunity to change any cards but as in video poker you are effectively playing against the house but instead of the house having a hand you are rewarded according to the strength of your hand or in other words three of a kind pays out at better odds than two pairs. The unusual and unique thing about let it ride is that you actually place three bets at the start of the game and have the chance to withdraw them as play progresses rather than the standard way of increasing your bet as play progresses. A full explanation of let it ride is given in our let it ride section but basically you are trying to forma five card poker hand of one pair or better and as stated previously the better the hand the better the odds. After placing your initial three bets you will receive three cards face up and there will be two community cards dealt face down. Te first of your three bets is always in play but at this stage you can choose either to withdraw your second bet because you have a poor hand or you can elect to let it ride in which case you are playing for two out of your three bets Once this decision has been made, one of the community cads is turned and you have the choice of removing your third bet or not. Once this decision has been made the final community card is turned and any winning hands are paid out. Let it ride is an interesting introduction to poker..