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Let it ride poker is a good casino game for poker beginners

By mr-casino on 2014-01-13 14:42:47

There are various poker games available at online casinos of which the most popular are the Texas Hold’em games which are played against other players but not all poker games need to be played against other players as there are some which are played against the house and one of those is Let it Ride poker. Let it ride is a kind of combination of  video pokers and Caribbean Stud but is probably simpler than both of those which makes let it ride poker good for beginners to online casino poker. Whereas Caribbean stud is played against a dealer hand, let it ride poker has only one hand and if it is good enough it wins. Good enough in let it ride poker is generally a pair of tens or better. There is also no changing of cards as is the case in some video poker games so let it ride becomes a simple question of deciding whether or not you can achieve a pair of tens or better. Let it ride starts unusually by placing three equal sized bets on the table, two of which you can later withdraw if your hand is not shaping up the way you expected. There are then three cards dealt face up to the player and two more face down and at that moment the first decision has to be made about your first bet and that is whether to let it ride or withdraw it. This means for example that if you placed three bets of €5 each you started by staking €15 on the hand but having seen your first three cards you can withdraw €5 leaving you with a bet of €10 on the hand. Whichever you decide to do in let it ride poker play continues with one of the two face down cards being turned over so that you can now see four cards and again you have the chance to withdraw a €5 bet or let it ride. Eventually the fifth card is turned and the outcome decided. The better your hand in let it ride poker the better the odds at which you are paid.