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Let it ride poker is an interesting online casino game

By mr-casino on 2013-02-01 13:35:37

An online casino game that can be lots of fun but is disappointingly only found in a few online casinos is Let it Ride poker or often simply called let it ride. Let it ride can be found at Party Casino and at Paddy Power casino although Paddy Power casino for whatever reason calls the game Let them Ride poker. As the name suggests it is a poker game, but do not let that put you off as let it ride is not a poker game played against other players and you cannot lose more than your original stake but you can win more than your original stake; the only similarity with the online poker game of Texas Hold’em, which is what is mostly played, is the hands and their ranking order. The idea of Let it Ride is to form a poker hand of a pair of tens or better from the five cards that are dealt but initially you can only see three of those cards as the other two are face down. At the start of the game you are required to place three identical bets which may seem strange but as let it ride progresses you have the chance to retrieve two of them should you so wish and the first opportunity is having seen your first three cards whereupon you must decide whether your chances of getting a pair of tens or better are good or not. Clearly if you have three unrelated cards below a value of ten your chances are slim so you would probably withdraw one of your bets but with better cards you may decide to leave the bet on the table or in other words let it ride. Whatever you decide cannot be undone but even if you withdraw a bet you are still in the game. Your second decision comes after one more card is revealed and you can see four cards and the decision is whether to leave the second bet on the table or to withdraw it. In let it ride the two decisions are completely independent of each other and your ante bet is always in play.