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Live casino can be an interesting option

By mr-casino on 2013-10-11 15:22:23

It used to be a new form of online casino play but these days all online casinos have what is called live casino. Live casino is aimed at those online casino players who like t think that they are playing in a real casino and indeed live casino does give that feel to a certain extent as there are live dealers that you can see on screen and you can see the cards being dealt or the roulette wheel being spun but of course it is not an actual casino which you are seeing. Live casino at online casinos is in fact a specially equipped room, quite often in an East European country, with web cams that stream the live pictures to your computer and it is unlikely to be anywhere near an actual casino with the known exception of All Irish Casino where the streaming does in fact come from a casino premises in Malta but even there it is in a separate room. Nevertheless the live casino option at the online casinos does cut out the random number generator which many casino players distrust. Disadvantages to live casino is that the dealing can be a bit slow and this is particularly noticeable when playing roulette and the minimum stakes to tend to be a little higher than when playing at your normal online casino which presumably helps to pay the wages of the dealers. If you have never tried live casino it is worth giving it a go and most online casinos will have some form of bonus for first time players even though you may already have an online casino account so for example Paddy Power casino has had an offer running where a first bet of €10 triggers a free bet of the same amount.