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Live casino could be an alternative for you

By mr-casino on 2015-02-03 09:34:24

Nearly all online casinos today have what is called a live casino option and if you have never tried it, it can be a bit different. Live casino at an online casino sounds a bit strange but effectively it is live streaming using webcams from a room somewhere to your computer or other device that you are using. The rooms can of course be located anywhere and most seem to be located in Eastern Europe although there is one known exception which is at All Irish Casino which streams live from an actual casino premises in Malta. The rooms themselves are equipped with roulette tables and card tables as they would be in an actual casino but the difference between this and an online casino is that there are actual dealers who are spinning the wheel or dealing the cards and because of the live streaming you can see what is going on. Whether this helps you win or not is another question but there are Irish casino players who prefer to see cards being dealt rather than relying on a random number generator. The casino games that are available at the live casino option of online casinos is restricted to those that require a dealer and is mostly roulette, blackjack and sometimes baccarat so if you are a casino slots player then live casino is not for you. Minimum stakes are generally a little higher than at the regular online casino which is probably to pay for the dealers but there is a chance for a bit of interaction with the dealers via chat lines if you like that sort of thing. Online casino live casino is quite popular with those casino players who distrust the random number generators in use at online casinos but as they are regularly checked at good online casino such as those recommended by there is really no need for doubt.