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Live casino could be the answer if you don’t trust RNGs

By mr-casino on 2013-02-13 17:13:22

There are those casino players who do not believe that an online casino gives them the same chance of winning as a brick and mortar casino where they can see the cards being dealt or the ball being spun in a roulette wheel and the reason of course is that winning numbers or the cards dealt at online casinos are determined by random number generators which is basically just another piece of software. The trouble with software of course is that it can be altered which is why we try here at to protect Irish casino players by recommending only those online casinos that we know have good systems in place for checking that the random number generators are working correctly but there is an alternative called live online casino which could be the answer for any doubters. Live online casino is available at more of our online casinos and certainly at the top three and it is effectively a room which has been especially equipped with casino tables and with cameras so that what is happening can be streamed directly to your computer. The dealers or croupiers at the live casino are real and the action is happening in real time. In most cases live casino will be slower than an online casino as it takes a roulette ball a little longer to stop on a wheel than it takes for a random number generator to decide a winning number and although you cannot see them there may well be other players who are placing bets but live casino is as near as you can get to a land based casino while still being in the comfort of your own home. Try it for a change; most online casinos have special introductory bonuses for first time live casino players even though you may play at the normal online casino.