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Live casino does not use a random number generator

By mr-casino on 2016-08-28 14:09:31

There is only one perceived problem with online casinos and that is that they may not all be as honest as they should be. It should be hastily added that at they go to great lengths to ensure that the online casinos they recommend are correctly licensed and operate under the jurisdiction of a respected authority. Avoid online casinos that claim to be licensed by such places as Argentina or Colombia. It is also important that the Random Number Generators (RNGs) are checked on a regular basis by third parties and again this is one of the checks done by before any recommendation is made. It is however usually the RNG which is the point of dispute and the solution for some is to use the live casino option which is available at most online casinos. A true RNG will give the same chances of winning as at the live casino option as both are completely random. Anybody who plays regularly at an online casino or a land based casino will know for example that what has previously come up on the roulette wheel has no bearing whatsoever on what will come next. Many Irish casino players play by doubling up on the last winning number whilst others will think that there is no chance of the same number coming up again. The truth is of course that the odds of any number coming up are exactly the same.

Live casino is however an option for those that simply inherently distrust an RNG and this generally happens when on a losing streak but again losing streaks are not unique to an online casino and they can happen anywhere as of course can winning streaks. The big difference between live casino and regular online casino play is that you can actually see the cards being dealt or the roulette wheel being spun which gives some people a better feeling. Some critics would say that it would be easier to rig a roulette wheel in one of these live casino rooms than it would to adjust a random number generator that is being regularly monitored but we could not suggest that that is the case. Live casinos are in fact nothing more than specially equipped rooms which can be virtually anywhere. They are equipped with the necessary roulette tables and card tables and fitted with webcams which broadcast pictures directly to your computer, tablet or other device plus there are of course dealers to operate the tables. It seems that most of the live casino rooms are located in Eastern Europe but there are a couple of online casinos which are known to operate out of an actual casino premises in Malta. These are All Irish Casino, No Bonus Casino and Freespins casino. Whether this makes any real difference is unknown but at least they are likely to be professional dealers and should have good command of the English language which cannot be said for all live casino operatives.

One of the drawbacks of live casino is the limited number of casino games which are available. Clearly if the casino game does not require a dealer or a croupier than that game will not appear at the live casino option.  Casino slots is a prime example and as slots are one of the most popular casino games to be played, many online casino players will never visit the live casino version. The two most popular casino games at live casino are Blackjack and Roulette and different online casinos have different table limits which apart from the dealer is the only difference between the tables. Both the roulette and Blackjack games played at live casino are exactly the same games as played at the regular online casinos with the exception that online casinos often have variations of blackjack which involve jackpots or splitting of top cards in different hands. Live casino invariable only carries the original blackjack game which is probably the best game anyway. It is very difficult to have variations to the roulette games apart from American and European roulette but generally t is only European roulette which should be played at live casino.

You may also come across Baccarat at the live casino option which is an excellent game for live casino as it is the dealer which is playing all the cards anyway. Baccarat is the card game in which only two hands are dealt and you can bet on which of the two hands will win or for the result to be a tie. There are very strict rules about the playing of the cards so that although the dealer plays both hands there is absolutely no room for discretion. This also makes it an ideal game for the regular online casino as once the computer is programmed it is very simple. If you have never tried Baccarat it is well worth looking at and although the card counting is a bit tricky to start with you will soon get the hang of it. Casino Hold’em is another casino game that you may come across at the live casino option of Paddy Power casino for example. Casino Hold’em is a version of poker in which you are playing against the dealer only and there are no raises or bluffing making it very suitable for poker beginners who are trying to learn the game. Both the player and the dealer are dealt two cards after you have place an ante bet although of course the dealers cards are not visible to you in the beginning. A further three cards are then dealt into the middle of the table which can be used by the dealer and the player. Based on your two cards plus the three cards in the middle you must then decide whether to play on or not. The idea is of course to beat the dealer. Playing on involves placing another bet equivalent to your ante bet whereupon a further two cards are dealt into the middle of the table and you both form your best five card poker hand to see who has won.