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The live casino option at an online casino has limited casino games

By mr-casino on 2017-11-03 15:01:59

Online casinos are great entertainment and since they appeared there are a lot more people playing casino games than there ever were when only land based casinos were available. There are some people however that miss playing at a live casino but as the games at a brick and mortar casino are exactly the same as at an online casino it is probably the noise and the atmosphere which they miss. In fact of course online casinos offer far more casino games than land based casinos ever did. The online casinos have however gone a little way towards replicating a live casino with an option called live casino which can generally be found at one of the tabs at the top of the casino page. There is of course no substitute for the atmosphere of an actual casino with people shouting in joy at a big win or indeed crying in despair when losing and no live casino option at online casinos makes any attempt to do so but where they do help is in providing a real live dealer to spin the wheel or deal the cards. This on its own is enough for many who do not like the idea of some machine deciding whether they win or lose. The machine in question here is a random number generator which all online casinos use in their casino games. There are players who only play at the live casino option because they do not trust the RNG, thinking it has been rigged in some way but all online casinos listed on this site have their RNGs tested regularly by outside agencies so there is no reason to doubt their integrity.

The live casino is rarely an actual casino but is rather a room somewhere which has been equipped with the necessary card tables and roulette wheels and of course the cameras which will transmit the pictures to your computer or other device. It is not usual for these rooms to be located in Eastern Europe but there are a few online casinos such as All Irish Casino, No Bonus Casino and Freespins Casino that have the live casino located on the premises of an actual casino in Malta. It is still not an actual casino floor which has players wandering around but it is about as close as you are going to get. Transmitting pictures around the world from an actual casino floor is of course not permitted, not that it is illegal but simply because those present in the casino would soon refuse to go as most casino players even today consider casino gambling a very private affair. Maybe it used to be but these days it is a part of regular life and online casinos have made it even more normal. The live casino option at online casinos is still not as popular as was maybe originally thought but this is possibly due to the restricted number of casino games which are available when compared to the normal online casino. If you are a roulette or blackjack player then live casino is great as those two games are always there but if you are one of the army of online casino players who love casino slots then there is no point in going to the live casino option as there are no slots at all. Even at land based casinos there are generally a few casino slots but at the live casino option of online casinos there are zero. has been asked in the past which online casino has the best live casino but the question is impossible to answer as it depends on what casino games you want to play, what stakes you want to play for and last but not least whether you like the dealer. This last one is possibly the most important of all as some make you feel more comfortable than others. It is a well known fact that dealers at land based casinos regularly change the dealer at a table and it is certainly not unusual for luck to apparently change when a new dealer arrives. It is of course nonsense to think that this really has anything to do with which dealer is spinning the wheel or dealing the cards but when you have been winning and suddenly start losing the dealer becomes an easy target to blame. There are live casino players who will only play when their favourite dealer is present but this does restrict playing time quite a bit as everybody has days and hours off. Some online casinos do have Baccarat or Punto Banco as it is sometimes known in their live casino line up and of you have never tried that casino game then the live casino option is a good place to start. Baccarat is ideally suited to the live casino option as it requires a dealer to play both hands dealt. This will sound strange to non players but the rules are so strict that there is no room for arbitrary decision making, the dealer has to draw cards or not according to the rules. There are only two hands dealt in Baccarat which are usually called the “Bank” and the “Player” and the “Bank” is slightly more likely to win by virtue of the way the game is played. Unusually however you can bet on the “Bank” to win as well as the player but to compensate for the fact that the bank is more likely to win there will be a deduction from your even money winnings. Playing Baccarat at the live casino will at first be very confusing as the counting of the cards is like no other card game but a quick read of the rules will soon remedy that. The rules governing when to draw a card and when not to are not quite so simple but in reality as long as the dealer is playing both hands there is no need to fully understand, jus place your bets and see what happens.