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The live casino option overcomes one perceived problem of online casinos

By mr-casino on 2017-06-12 14:17:24

It seems that every online casino these days has a live casino option but that was not always the case as only a few years ago that option did not exist. It is unclear why the online casinos thought that a live casino option was what people were looking for but there are a couple of theories, one of which is the need for online casino play to be less of a lonely pastime. Gambling generally is often a lonely pastime and online casino play is no different and in fact even players at one of the land based casinos outside Ireland are often playing alone even if they went there with a friend. Live casino is however not really a solution to this issue as players still cannot see other people or what they are doing and that is part of the enjoyment of an actual casino. The other part of the enjoyment at an actual casino is the noise and the buzz about the place as people have a few drinks and get noisier and that is also missing at the live casino option of an online casino. There is however a secondary reason for wanting a live casino which has been successfully addressed and that is the random number generator which is used at all online casinos. Random number generators are generally fine as long as they are regularly checked for being random. Online casinos generally take the measure of having their RNGs, as they are called, checked by external auditors to ensure fair gaming. Certainly those online casinos listed on this site do that.

RNGs have been around for a long time and have many uses as well in the online casino trade but some Irish casino players still have a natural mistrust and this is especially true when losing. It never seems to be an issue when winning for some unknown reason. There is no alternative to the RNG in an online casino except for the live casino option. For those readers not familiar with live casino at an online casino it is live pictures being streamed from a room somewhere which has been equipped with the necessary card tables and roulette wheels which are manned or more often “womanned” by dealers. The cameras pick up the dealing of the cards and the spinning of the roulette wheel so that you can see what is going on from the comfort of your own home. You can see the dealer and the table but little else so do not expect to see what other people are doing as there are no other people there. Theory says that the chances of winning at the live casino are exactly the same as at a regular online casino but it can be argued one way or the other. There are of course drawbacks to live casino and one of the biggest is the restricted number of casino games which are available. The most common games are roulette and blackjack but you can also come across baccarat in some places or even Casino Hold’em or Caribbean Stud which are very similar games. has even seen Red Dog at one online casino. This is fine unless you are one of the many online casino players who play casino slots exclusively. Live casino options at online casinos do not have casino slots for the simple reason that there is no requirement for a dealer.

The number of people using the live casino is therefore immediately restricted and as the dealers have to be paid it is debateable whether live casino will be around for years to come. If you have never tried the live casino option it is worth looking at but do not expect a replica of an actual casino. The special rooms which have been referred to can effectively be anywhere but are generally to be found in Eastern European countries where presumably labour is cheaper than at home. There are a few exceptions to this in No Bonus Casino and Free SpIns Casino where the live casino is brought to you from an actual casino in Malta by the name of the Portomaso Casino. Any Irish casino player who has holidayed in Malta may well have visited this casino as it s probably the best known casino on the island. The cameras are still not located on the floor of the actual casino but at least it is in the same building and staffed by professional people who have been trained. These casinos are licensed by the Malta gaming Authority which is one of the specialised and well known territories for online gaming. The only possible slight drawback to having a lie casino in an actual casino is that it is only available during opening hours of the casino but as these are fairly extensive it is not going to be a problem for most people. All Irish Casino also uses the Portomaso Casino for its live casino but also has another option for during closed hours and that is the NetEnt live casino which is also located on Malta. NetEnt is a well known casino software supplier but they operate this live casino for any of their users so an online casino using NetEnt software may well use this same live casino facility. When playing live casino expect to have minimum stakes a little higher than at your regular online casino and more in line with you might expect at a land based casino. Clearly an online casino has very few overheads compared to a brick and mortar casino and live casino lies somewhere between the two. Where overheads need to be covered then minimum stakes will be higher.