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Live online casino explained

By mr-casino on 2012-02-11 14:12:57

Most online casinos these days have an offering called live casino but if you are not familiar with live casino you may wonder what it is and how it can be live if you are at an online casino; the answer is that a live casino at an online casino is in fact a live webcam transmission that you can watch on your own computer and the system allows you to interact in such a way that you can place bets at a roulette wheel or at a card table and there are actual croupiers or dealers that deal the cards or spin the wheel at regular intervals in the same way as you would find in a regular land based casino. One of the differences is that the live casino is not in fact a casino at which other players can walk in and play but is a separate room which has been fitted out with the necessary equipment but it is real roulette wheel and they are real cards whereas in an online casino although the graphics show a roulette wheel and cards the winning numbers are controlled by what is known as a random number generator. It is this random number generation which gives rise to the ball on a roulette wheel in an online casino sometimes showing erratic behaviour as it endeavours to reach the numbered slot that has been selected. In theory it should make no difference to your chances of winning whether you are playing at an online casino or a live casino but if you have a natural mistrust of random number generators then maybe live casino is the answer. Online casinos will usually have some incentive or bonus for you to play live casino even though you are an existing customer of the regular online casino so if you have never tried live now could be a good time..