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Live online casino is a third option

By mr-casino on 2011-10-14 10:09:25

When online casinos started operations it left casino players with a choice of going to a live casino or staying at home and playing online casino games but today there is a third alternative which is staying in the comfort of your own home but still playing live casino or live online casino. At first this may sound a little strange but the possibility of live casino has been brought about by the ability to stream live webcam pictures from anywhere directly to your computer. It would be simple enough to install webcams at an existing casino but this would of course raise the possibility of other players being inadvertently filmed which many would not appreciate so what happens in a live online casino is that a special room is set up and equipped with all the necessary roulette and card tables and dealers are there on the webcam. The action really is live and you can even chat with the dealers if you so desire the only restriction being the speed of your internet connection to cope with live video streaming. The rooms themselves are often set up in East European countries as is clear from the dealers but as long as they are part of a reputable online casino such as those that we list here at that need not be of concern. Live casino is restricted to those casino games where a dealer is needed such as roulette or blackjack and you can occasionally find Baccarat but if one of these is your game and you have never tried live casino it does make a change. Most online casinos also offer separate bonuses for first time players at their live casino even though you might already be an existing customer so check out what is on offer; it certainly is a different experience..